Extraordinary Ordination Celebration Logo & Graphics

Dr. Candi Dugas was having a weekend full of speakers and parties to celebrate her ordination. She came to us for a logo, a MailChimp header, and social media graphics. She wanted her branding for the event to be fun, vibrant, and free, yet sophisticated and modern–image Bob Marley and Ann Taylor having a baby.

The title–Extraordinary Ordination Celebration–was fairly long, and we noticed that all three words contained portions of each other. A white-board, brainstorming session produced the following result:

logo brainstorming session

And eventually led to the final version:

Extraordinary Ordination Celebration logo

Next up were the social media graphics for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We suggested that she use these graphics to highlight the people who most influenced her journey to ordination. She provided the quotes and images; we did the fancy stuff.

ordination social media graphic with Grandma

ordination social media graphic with mentor

ordination social media graphic with quote

Skills Used

logo, social media graphics, typography