Kennedy Creative Website Redesign

Kennedy Creative was looking for one website to be a hub for their wedding, DMC, and event planning services. Screamer Co took them through an intensive branding program, and Samantha was brought on for the new website design. After numerous strategy sessions, copywriting sessions, and wireframes, we came up with a series of icons and mockups for the site. Kennedy wanted the site to be modern, colorful, and playful. The site would have vertical and horizontal scrolling and would look like it was all one-page. JavaScript transitions between the different sections would make the user feel like the website was being created in front of them. Subtly indicating navigation/scrolling was one of the biggest design challenges. We didn’t want big arrows pointing to the next page. We wanted the user to be drawn through the site, almost, subconsciously, so we implemented dashed lines to guide users along the journey. Below are a selection of pages.

Skills Used

iconography, responsive website