Maura Thomas speaker website redesign

Maura Thomas Website Redesign

Maura Thomas is an award-winning international speaker, trainer, and author on individual and corporate productivity and work-life balance, and the most widely-cited authority on attention management. This project involved a full redesign of her branding and website. We focused on presenting her information in a logical, user-centered way that would increase leads.

For the second version of her website we worked on a logo redesign, website strategy, information architecture, user experience design, user interface design, WordPress development, and SEO.

The new website converts 30% better than the old website.

I love my new website that Sam worked with me to create! And it converts over 30% better than my old one!

Maura Thomas

Speaker, Author, Regain Your Time, LLC


strategic consulting, branding, information architecture, UX/UI, css, development, WordPress, Divi


Since Maura is a speaker, author, and trainer, she was interested in rebranding herself under just her name. We also decided it was time to update her color palette and fonts.

Old Logo:

original Maura Thomas logo

New Logo:

new Maura Thomas logo

Updated Fonts:

Maura Thomas fonts

Color Palette:

Maura Thomas color palette


After determining the content, we lay it out without any colors or formatting to make sure that…

  1. We have all the content we need
  2. It’s presented in a way that will be logical for the user
  3. There are clear calls-to-action

Home Wireframe:

Maura Thomas homepage wireframe

Training Wireframe:

Maura Thomas Training Overview wireframe

About Wireframe:

Maura Thomas About page wireframe

Speaking Wireframe:

Maura Thomas Speaking page wireframe

Empowered Productivity Wireframe:

Maura Thomas Empowered Productivity wireframe

Training for Leaders Wireframe:

Maura Thomas Training for Leaders wireframe

Attention Management Wireframe:

Maura Thomas Attention Management wireframe

Contact Wireframe:

Maura Thomas Contact page wireframe


Once the wireframes are approved, we add colors, fonts, photos, and graphics according to the client’s branding.





Empowered Productivity:

Training for Leaders:

Attention Management: