Staab Engineering Landing Page & Flyer

David and I connected at the point he was looking to grow his freelance business into a small firm. He had a logo already but needed a website and other marketing collateral. While the full website content was being developed, we launched a landing page on to describe the services offered, build trust, and capture measurable leads.

Staab Engineering landing page

Here’s an enlargement of the landing page:

Staab Engineering Landing Page

In order to add visual stimulation and communicate Staab Engineering’s services graphically, we developed a series of icons for Industrial Process and Machine Control, Real-Time Embedded Software, Automated Testing, Modern User Interface, and Project Leadership.

Staab Engineering service icons

For in-person events and trade shows, they wanted an introductory fact sheet that could be passed out in lieu of an ambiguous business card.

Staab Engineering print flyer

Skills Used

iconography, landing page, html, css, WordPress, print design