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Design It Please Google PartnerSEO and Google AdWords are two powerful entities that propel people to your website. It’s about connecting the right people with the right services in a timely manner. Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of your website, and Google AdWords can provide a steady stream of leads. Design It Please has been certified for the Google Partner Program which means we have proven knowledge and history with Google AdWords and Google Analytics. We’re no pansies.

Our SEO & Google AdWords Services

SEO Quick Start - $875
Are you feeling like your site looks great, but you aren’t sure how they are getting there and what people are doing? That’s common for business owners who have not put these 10 simple steps into action on their site. When you use our proven process, you will be alerted in your email of changes to your site’s usability and traffic. It works! This is a one time charge.
Dedicated Analytics & Review - $325/mo

We developed a dedicated analytics plan in response to business owners who wanted to verify the analytics from Google about their Google AdWords campaigns. For businesses who are spending more than $10,000 per month on advertising and email marketing, it just makes sense to have a third party verifying the numbers from your site. That’s what Dedicated Analytics provides. Real time views and user traffic metrics. We can tell you more about that site visitor than you ever thought possible. You get your own real-time analytics dashboard. You can see and track individual users to find out where they’re coming from, where they’re clicking, and where they’re exiting. Plus, you get per-page and individual visitor heatmaps! Additionally, we’ll scour your results and provide monthly suggestions on what can be improved.

Yearly Marketing Plan - $625
We break down your marketing spreadsheet into three categories: Owned, Earned, or Paid. Early startups, for example, put most of their emphasis on Owned items while Paid is more geared towards customer acquisition. A balanced approach is always advised. When we have our planning meeting, we will make a recommendation of what we think should be done in the current month. The client gets an estimate of hours for each task and we bill. Within 7 hours of consulting, you will have a provisional spreadsheet for 6, 9, or 12 months of marketing.
AdWords Setup - $525/mo/channel
AdWords (Google or Bing) can be a great way for you, as a business owner to reach new customers in a way that is scalable, measurable, and puts you in control of your budgets. When combined with our set up process, you will have an up to the minute view of how your website and marketing campaigns are performing. We use advanced techniques such as negative keyword lists, bid adjustments, and ad extensions. If you are currently running AdWords and not using these techniques we will help you better target your advertising. Setup costs cover the first month of consulting and creative fees. After that the monthly fee goes down. A setup fee will apply separately for search network, re-targeting, YouTube advertising, and mobile application advertising.
AdWords Maintenance - $325/mo/channel
We’ll track what’s working and tweak what could be working better so you get the most bang for your buck! Every AdWords campaign can be optimized when you have a certified AdWords professional. Because of our status in the Google Partner program, we get early access to new tools and features, plus the expertise to take advantage of the entire range of tools.
Landing Page Optimization - $1250/mo
It is much easier to double your conversion rate than it is to double your advertising budget. Your ads will only work as well as the landing page to which they’re pointing. Through A/B tests and optimized design, we’ll keep them running at their peak performance.

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Case Study: Large Volume Hardware Company

A hardware company was working with an offshore PPC vendor. The Director of Marketing was dictating poor strategy to the SEM team.


In six months, the conversion rate increased by

Case Study: Hyper Local Home Services

AdWords Results for June 2014 to March 15 2015


Clicks increased by


Cost Per Click decreased by


Calls to the company increased by

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