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WordPress is one of the web’s most popular and powerful content management systems, and because of its popularity, it’s frequently a target for hackers and attackers who aim to infiltrate sites to distribute dangerous software, place malicious ads, and otherwise wreak havoc on your site.

If the software isn’t kept up to date, it can expose your site to security risks and unpredictable errors associated with using outdated software. It’s also far simpler to update on a regular basis than to attempt to update software that’s a year old to the newest version, which is why we recommend regular, proactive updates.

Think of WordPress as the foundation of your online house. WordPress Assurance is the termite contract you have in order to protect your house’s foundation from irreparable damage.

No one can guarantee a perfectly secure site (no matter what software or web host you’re using), but keeping your WordPress software and plugins up to date is one of the best ways to prevent a malicious attack or errors related to outdated software.

Quarterly WordPress Assurance Plans

1. Proactive Improvements:

  • Monthly Preventative Maintenance:
    • Monthly updates to the WordPress core software and all plugins, plus as-soon-as-possible updates for all WordPress core software and plugin security releases.
    • Creation of a post-upgrade quality assurance procedure, which will define a set of features and functionality that we will double-check after every upgrade to ensure the software changes have not had any unexpected effects on your site.
    • Automatic daily backups of your site files and database, stored securely in the cloud by a trusted backup and storage provider.
  • Quarterly Google Analytics Review:
    • a summary report of how your website has performed of the past quarter
    • ideas on things to try/change based on the summary

2. Priority response time for all requests and communication related to the site – you “skip the queue” every time you get in touch with us, taking precedence over other projects and activities.

3. A set number of hours per quarter of additional maintenance, support, and other communication during regular business hours (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET, excluding holidays and planned vacation periods). This reserved support time does not roll over to the next quarter.

  • This allotment of reserved priority support time is in addition to the time spent on the upgrades and performance audit tasks described above.
  • We request that the client assign no more than two people to act as points of contact for support requests. The addition of more contact points will require an expansion to the scope and project fee.
  • We will also communicate with third-party plugin developers and support staff for third-party applications as needed to accomplish our support and upkeep goals.

The Quarterly Retainer does not include after-hours support. We recommend reaching out directly to your web host’s support team for any emergency issues that arise outside of business hours. If you’d like to add 24/7 support, please let me know and we will review the options with you (which will include a scope and fee expansion). Otherwise, after-hours, emergency work will be billed at 2x the current hourly rate.

From time to time, changes or additions may be requested that require a greater development investment than the quarterly priority support hours included in this project. In these cases, we will provide a fixed project fee for the additions. This is generally required for larger-scale changes, such as theme development.

WordPress Maintenance, Please!

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